Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY)

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY)

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is the marketing name for all subsidiary insurance businesses owned by the Philadelphia Consolidate Holding Corporation. PHLY is a member of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc., a multinational insurance holding company based in Tokyo, Japan.

The company was founded in 1962 by James J. Maguire, Sr. and was originally known as the Maguire Insurance Agency.

In its beginnings, the Maguire Insurance Agency specialized in automobile insurance products. In 1969, the agency initiated its first national program with Chevrolet dealers. It expanded from one to 15 offices shortly thereafter.

After changing its name to PHLY in 1987, the company began offering liability insurance to social service agencies, as well as health and fitness organizations. In 2008, Founder Maguire began the process of merging PHLY with the Tokio Marine Group.

Today, PHLY offers personal, commercial property/ casualty, and professional lines of insurance to various niche markets, including the health, fitness and wellness industry. Although headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA, the corporation currently maintains 46 offices around the United States.

Fitness and Wellness Insurance Program

PHLY’s health and wellness division includes programs like Fitness and Wellness Insurance (FWI), Yoga Journal Insurance and IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

While Yoga Journal offers insurance exclusively to yoga instructors, FWI offers professional liability insurance to personal and group fitness trainers, Pilates instructors, dance teachers, martial arts teachers, and other fitness professionals.

FWI’s Pilates insurance program includes professional and general liability insurance, $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate; sexual abuse liability, $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 aggregate; product liability insurance, $1,000,000 aggregate; $2,500 medical payment coverage; and $100,000 damage to premises coverage. Higher limits are available upon request.

In order to purchase FWI insurance, individuals are required to become members of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. Because of this, the program costs $294 per year.

For only $159 per year, fitness and wellness professionals may purchase an Insurance Plus policy and receive the same comprehensive coverage at a lower cost. These individuals will also receive access to all of our Plus benefits, including a complimentary business website, exclusive member discounts, stolen equipment coverage, and more!

To learn more about Insurance Plus, call: Or click here to apply for insurance.

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fitness and wellness crossword puzzle

“game up for wellness” crossword puzzle – MAC Fitness

Hoeger, Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness, 12e

fitness and wellness crossword puzzle answers

Getting Started – Orem High School

Health and Fitness –

Physical Fitness and Wellness Crossword Puzzle …


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Wellness Coaching for Brain Health and Fitness

We just received this quote of how a major health system is using our Brain Fitness Market Report:

‘At Sutter Health Partners we recognize the importance of brain health and how much the health of the brain and the body are interdependent. The market report helped us further target our coaching efforts to integrate brain fitness and upgrade our entire coaching platform. It is easy to read and gives you the industry perspective in a thorough yet concise manner. I highly recommend it!’

– Margaret Sabin, CEO of Sutter Health Partners and VP, New Product Development, at Sutter Health.

You may wonder, ‘what is the link between wellness coaching and brain fitness’?

In practice, good health and wellness coaches provide excellent brain health advice, given that the areas they focus on (nutrition, physical exercise, stress management) do play an important role in maintaining our brains in top shape.

Additionally, pioneers such as Sutter Health Partners are adding a Brain ‘lens’ to their work. How?

First, by better understanding and explaining the brain benefits of what they already do, in order to provide additional motivation to stick with healthy behaviors. For example, most people will be able to recite multiple benefits of moderate cardiovascular exercise. But how many know that it can also contribute to neurogenesis -the creation of new neurons – in adult brains?

Second, by starting to offer brain fitness guidelines to clients who want too go beyond crossword puzzles and sudoku.

I had a great training session with a number of Sutter Health coaches last week – let me summarize some of the main points we covered.

What is Brain Fitness?

The general state of feeling alert, in control, productive, especially as the result of mental and physical exercise and proper nutrition. Having the mental abilities required to function in society, in our occupations, in our communities. It is not about ‘IQ’. It is about skills such as attention, memory, emotional self-regulation, planning, managing distractions…

Can Brain Fitness be measured today?

Yes, but, today, only by neuropsychologists and medical professionals. We expect to see cheaper and widely available assessments (perhaps via a 30-40 minute set of online assessments) over the next few years, thanks to the work underway to make quality computer-based assessments available to a growing number of clinicians, insurance companies, sports teams and the military.

What is the research background that explains the emergence of the brain fitness field?

1- New paradigm in brain research: today it is clear that the brain retains a lifelong capacity to change responding to experience (neuroplasticity), paving the way for lifestyle-based interventions.
2- Neuroimaging tools such as fMRI enable, for the first time i history, the scientific exploration of the live brain.
3- The brain has a core set of brain functions-or ‘mental muscles’. Our vocabulary must expand beyond ‘memory’ and ‘intelligence’ if we are to help move ‘Use It or Lose It’ from theory to practice.
4. Some brain functions improve as we age – others typically decline. And there is major variability among groups of individuals.
5- The four ‘pillars’ of brain health: balanced nutrition, physical exercise, stress management and brain exercise.
6- Cross-training the brain builds up the Brain Reserve.
7. Well-directed mental exercise (meditation, cognitive therapy, software-based programs) can be effective to train specific skills and provide needed mental stimulation.
8. Cognitive assessments will become critical to identify bottlenecks and measure progress.
9. The earlier we start, the better. But it is never too late to start.
10. This is still an emerging field: much more research needs to be done.

One of the top 10 predictions on the brain fitness/ brain training market we included in our our Brain Fitness Market Report said that:

’10. Brain training will be added to corporate wellness and leadership initiatives. Large employers with existing corporate wellness and leadership programs will introduce brain fitness specific programs aimed not only at improved health outcomes but also at increased productivity and cognitive performance in the workplace.’

Coaches will play a major role in helping clients navigate this field, as initiatives such as Sutter Health’s indicate. Stay tuned!

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How Finns Make Sports Part Of Everyday Life

If any industry is tuned in to the needs, desires, and overall well-being of its workforce, it’s the health and wellness industry.

Many of these companies go the distance for their employees to create an environment that is relaxing and inspiring. They provide free gym memberships, visits from massage therapists and chiropractors, and monthly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables, and they’re generous with opportunities to work remotely. The healthy values they espouse are focused inward as well as outward.

1. Zen Planner

At Zen Planner, a software company that creates online management tools specifically for the fitness industry for tasks like scheduling, automated billing, and website marketing, employees are very much a part of the active community they serve. The passionate skiers, hikers, MMA fighters, CrossFit trainers, and everyday exercisers who show up at this bright, open office with views of the Rockies take full advantage of the company’s $100 per month gym stipend and sweet discounts at local studios that use their software, like Backcountry CrossFit, Highlands Ranch CrossFit, and Katharo Jiu-Jitsu.

The company organizes annual ski trips and barbecues, free healthy lunches every Friday, beer tastings, salsa-making competitions, and frequent extracurricular activities like stand-up paddleboarding. It also supports employee-recommended charitable events, such as WODs at their local CrossFit box that benefit a specific nonprofit.

‘I think my mindset around what the workplace can be has totally shifted and been forever changed,’ says Casey Steiner, director of talent and culture at Zen Planner. The businesses the company serves ‘are then able to spend more time with their customers, getting them hooked on life, health, wellness, and fitness. It’s a beautiful thing.’

2. The Honest Kitchen

When you walk into the Honest Kitchen, a light, airy loft in the historic Wonder Bread building in San Diego’s East Village, tails start wagging-everywhere. More than a dozen dogs hang out here on a daily basis. ‘I describe it as dog-centric, rather than dog-friendly,’ says Lucy Postins, founder of the company, which produces all-natural, human-grade, whole-food meals for cats and dogs. ‘We believe our dogs are the absolute center of everything we do, and the day really revolves around them.’

For example, rather than sitting in a conference room to brainstorm ideas, team members often head outside with their pups for a 20- or 30-minute ‘walking meeting.’ Organized group walks happen at least twice a day. And the pets aren’t the only ones who are happy. Employees enjoy plenty of perks like a monthly $40 fitness allowance, massages and chiropractor visits, organic fruits and veggies from a local CSA, weekly in-office doggy-and-me yoga classes, and shared bikes to ride around town. Mission Brewery also happens to be right down the hall, so beer-thirty is never far away.

3. Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology works with more than 900 human service providers of every size and type across the country-mental health agencies, substance abuse centers, homeless shelters-to create and manage electronic health records for underserved populations. But it makes a point to make its own staff’s well-being an equally important priority. Foothold offers gym memberships, free lunches delivered from a different New York sandwich shop every Friday, and an annual active volunteer day where everyone ditches the office and completes a community project together (last year, they planted a garden and helped paint a school in Brooklyn).

About half of the company’s 56 employees work out of the Union Square headquarters, which includes treadmill desks, stand-up desks, stability ball chairs, and a bicycle desk to help keep everyone moving. ‘There are also plenty of people who work in New York for a couple years, and then say, ‘I want to work in Colorado or the Caribbean,’ and they pick up their phones and computers and do their jobs from anywhere,’ says Nick Scharlatt, the company’s co-founder and chief marketing officer. ‘We try to provide a lot of flexibility in terms of how people work and where they work.’ Everyone starts with 26 PTO days per year to be used when they want, and they get unlimited vacation after ten years.

4. Adaptive Sports Center

Getting paid to ski, mountain bike, or kayak is generally not a bad gig. Being able to help others in the process is like fresh powder on top. The Adaptive Sports Center, a nonprofit offering a variety of outdoor activities to people with disabilities, gives every employee a year-round pass to Crested Butte Mountain Resort-so they’re rarely confined to a desk.

When workers do have to catch up on emails, it’s done in a dog-friendly main office located at the base of the ski area, meaning easy lift access. Group outings like morning ‘social skins’ (ski up, then race back down), after-work runs that end with beers at the Brick Oven Pizzeria and Pub, weekly chili dinners, and end-of-season hikes are all part of the company’s work hard, play hard culture.

‘We have clients who are completely blind-climbing fourteeners with us,’ says Chris Henley, executive director at the center. ‘Even with what they’re dealing with, they’re still all smiles. It makes it hard to have a bad day.’ Likewise, if it’s a powder day and you ski until noon, you can just work later to make up the hours you spent on the slopes. Bonus: The center has an arsenal of gear employees can tap to outfit their adventures.

5. Organic Valley

Few large food companies can actually claim to be owned and operated by farmers, but Organic Valley is essentially a giant co-op that creates certified organic products sourced directly from its 1,800 farmer-owners across the country. ‘This is a group that really walks the walk in addition to talks the talk,’ says Tripp Hughes, director of brand management. ‘Yes, you have to be profitable in order to give the farmers the returns they’re looking for and stay competitive, but as a co-op, we’re also able to make a lot of decisions based on ‘what’s the right thing to do?”

Employees are tasked with managing and marketing the farmers’ crops, but they’re also encouraged to visit the company’s farms across the country and propose new sustainability practices, such as the company’s rideshare and ‘green bike’ programs.

Sitting on the edge of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, company headquarters includes a well-subsidized organic cafe where company dinners are hosted regularly, an on-site gym, an employee garden, a mile-loop walking path, and bikes to ride at lunch. With a CEO who wears jeans and a flannel shirt to work, Amish buggies tied to hitching posts (seriously) out front, and cowboy hats lining a wall in the hallway, there’s definitely ‘an element of ‘fly your own flag’ here,’ Hughes says.

6. Evoke at Entrada

Evoke at Entrada is a therapeutic wilderness program that places adolescents, young adults, and families dealing with personal struggles, such as mood disorders, depression, and substance abuse, in an outdoor setting for clinical treatment and adventure therapy. The field instructors, therapists, and psychologists who lead these out-in-the-wild camping sessions follow an eight-days-on, six-days-off schedule and can bring their dogs to work.

‘Because of where we’re located-so close to some amazing rock climbing, mountain biking, the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park-employees are able to travel and do really cool stuff during their off shifts,’ says Rick Heizer, owner and executive director. Staffers are also inspired to ‘work on themselves in the process,’ he adds. They have access to free therapy sessions, yoga classes, professional development training, weekly catered meals, and active group adventures like laser tag, mini-golf, and kickball games.

7. Beach Cities Health District

The mission of the Beach Cities Health District, in Southern California, is simple: Improve the overall health and wellness of everyone-from babies to teenagers to the elderly-living in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach. The preventive health agency has been creating and providing myriad services and programs to the community since 1955.

‘Unfortunately, the health care world is not usually known for how it takes care of its employees, but we know we’ve got to focus on them first before we can help anyone else,’ says CEO Susan Burden. ‘BCHD is a pet-friendly, child-friendly environment where having fun is an important part of the day, people take breaks for their own physical health, and really creative, highly energetic people can help make the world a better place.’

The office features an open design and a large fitness facility with free small-group training sessions. Plus, there’s ample vacation time, lots of group volunteer opportunities (like working with the Special Olympics), and ‘purpose’ workshops designed to promote greater professional satisfaction.

8. My Rounding Solutions

As long as you get your job done at My Rounding Solutions, a digital health company offering software that helps nurses and hospital administrators manage their rounds (hence the name), you’re free to hightail it out of Denver whenever you want.

But the perks at this cool Colorado startup don’t end at unlimited vacation. The young, active crew work at standing desks in the dog-friendly downtown office, get healthy lunches delivered regularly, and receive a monthly $50 ThrivePass to use at any gym or outdoor adventure program they like, plus a subsidized public transportation pass.

Employees lead weekly team runs and bike rides, take ski trips throughout the season, and play games in the office like Ping-Pong, pool, and Xbox. ‘One of the things that we wanted to ensure was that while we supplied the tools, structure, and foundation for the company, it was our employees who developed the culture,’ says David A. Marshall, the chief operating officer who co-founded the company in 2013. ‘I love coming to work and seeing happy people.’

9. VAVi Sport & Social

Working at VAVi Sport & Social pretty much means you know somebody who knows somebody everywhere you go in Southern California.

As the West Coast’s largest sports and social club, the company organizes more than 600 coed adult sports leagues throughout San Diego and owns a few different national event series, like the Wipeout Run-so the company has tons of business partners. Translation: Employees get loads of freebies around town-gym memberships, concert tickets, unlimited sandwiches at a local deli, their name on club VIP lists, and an abundance of healthy snacks and beverages from sponsors like Bare Naked granola and Zico coconut water, to name a couple.

VAVi employees also get free registration in the company’s leagues and events. ‘I would say there’s always at least one VAVi team participating in something at any time,’ says Keith Cunningham, vice president of events and sponsorship sales. ‘It is just part of the culture here.’ But where its corporate goal to ‘bring fun to life’ really hits home is with routine ‘runches’ (lunch runs), a marathon training club, team-building events at places like Disneyland, and a boardroom that sees more Ping-Pong tournaments than meetings.

10. Usana Health Sciences

As a direct sales company, Usana has employees drumming up business all over the country, but the nutritional supplement and health care product maker and supplier has an impressive home base as well: Its fitness facilities include a full-size basketball court, a beach volleyball court, a climbing wall, state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment, and two on-staff personal trainers.

Team members at this family-friendly company can take advantage of flexible schedules, tuition reimbursement programs, weekly massages, and rotating group fitness classes (CrossFit, Barre, Zumba, yoga, etc.). The office’s Lean Cafe and vending machines are stocked with healthy food options. Workers also get rewards for participating in wellness programs. And if you work here, you will be well supplemented for life: Everyone receives a free monthly supply of vitamins, plus a $50 monthly credit and 50 percent off any additional Usana products they want.

‘We try to create opportunities for our employees so there is a better work-life balance,’ says Michael King, executive director of human resources. ‘We have these core values that we talk about and try to live up to. And the company is very set on making sure those values are real and not just something that we put up on a wall.’

Check out the full list of our Best Places to Work in 2015.

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Fitness or Wellness Coordinator Salary: Latest Wage and Compensation Trends in Your Area.

Fitness or Wellness Coordinator Salary: Latest Wage and Compensation Trends in Your Area.

Fitness and wellness coordinators must possess a dedication to sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with the world. They express this devotion by developing classes, running community fitness and wellness events, using and instructing others in the use of weights, exercise machines, and equipment, and conducting training seminars for fitness and wellness staff. Other duties of this occupation include managing fitness and wellness center budgets, organizing and supervising health screenings, and supervising a team of fitness and wellness professionals which may include nutritionists, health professionals, physical trainers, and fitness instructors, among others. These professionals are expected to make sure that all fitness center classes and programs meet regulations set by the relevant national accrediting organizations (usually AFAA, ACSM and ACE).

A Fitness or Wellness Coordinator will normally receive a wage ranging between 56000 to 84000 based on seniority. Fitness and Wellness Coordinators can get an average compensation of Seventy Seven Thousand Five Hundred dollars per year.

Fitness and Wellness Coordinators are compensated most highly in the District of Columbia, where they can receive normal pay levels of just about $98840. Employees who work in this job can get the best compensation in Administrative, Support and Waste Management Services, which has wages of $114050.

The national wage distribution is shown below. To overlay local salaries for a Fitness or Wellness Coordinator, please select your state.

Recruiter makes it easy to find out about new jobs for fitness and wellness coordinators. Create your job alert and learn about new openings in your area.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services


Administrative, Support and Waste Management Services


Management of Companies and Enterprises


Health Care and Social Assistance


Public Administration


Other Services (except Public Administration)


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